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Ember (Hotel) Daze

Smells like one of the hotels I’ve stayed in during one of my travels. Probably a hotel in SG.

Ember Daze Limited Edition Soy Candle

This is my second purchase.absolutely in love with this spray!

Holiday Gift Set

Loving all the scent, especially the limited scent tea garden spray. It also helps me to have a better sleep.

Holiday Gift Set
Santa's E.
Holiday Gift Set

Been eyeing on the holiday gift set since last year, it did not disappoint! The packaging is so pretty and personalized. Beautiful candle scents to top it off!

Holiday Gift Set
Virginia L.
great packaging

very nice packaging
suits with the holiday themes

For one second, I thought it's snowing in Brunei

FRESH DAY has been my favourite on the list, ever since the first purchase from BCS. I had always tell people how amazed I am when I lit up Fresh Day. The clean, fresh minty smell reminds me so much of UK's winter, which I dearly missed.
This year, it all started with the intention of getting some lovely gift sets for friends and family. In the end, I decided to get myself something too -- Winter Solstice, since there was this sales going on!
It's Christmas Day today, and I decided to lit Winter Solstice. Mannnn, I guess I have found my new Favourite! The smell of pine is so refreshing, with a calm woody hint behind. It smells like wandering in a forest of pine trees on Christmas!
Before burning, the candle smells sweet, and I thought I would not like it as much, since I don't fancy sweet scents. I was wrong. You won't get much of the sweet scent while burning, it's a next level BALANCE!
Thank you for BCS team for bringing this scent to lives! I gotta admit, what an extra-ordinary nose and scent memory you have got! *hugs*

Ember Daze Limited Edition Soy Candle

The ember daze soy candle was very aromatic, it has a subtlety of Christmas sophistication that brings in the cheers and festivity of of the season. I would highly recommended it as a gift for adults!

Holiday Gift Set

Lovely box with lovely message as usual.

Lovely scents with unforgettable notes, uniquely Borneo.

Prompt and sufficient responses.

Lovely and thoughtful seasonal promotions

Grab it when it is still in stock!

Please have this scent in candles, so that I can purchase it too!!

Holiday gift sets

I love the Xmas packaging! It's so cute

Best candles and top service

I do love the product starting form package to smell and texture, and I really appreciate top customer service. I am a returning customer 100 per cent. These are the best candles on the market and I have tried them all

Great Christmas Gift for love ones!

The Christmas special sets are awesome! The price is great, and I bought the sets during the Birthday sales too, of which I have saved like, 20%! :D

The Gift set comes along with the Christmas themed gift box, which is really cute! There is no need to wrap it and is very presentable to your lovely guests.

BCS team sure knows what a 'good present' means! Keep up with the awesome job! :)

Ember Daze and Spiced Berry

The scents are so so nice and relaxing! It can stay for a very long time. High quality handcrafted candles, I’ll definitely come back for more!

Good for gifts

I can’t speak for the candles but the gifts were nicely packaged in bubble wraps with names labeled. I was able to carry them safely in my luggage while traveling.

Favourite scent

Perfect for the Christmas season! So happy that it's finally back in stock

Winter wonderland

It's feels like Christmas 🎄

Romance in the air

First light opens with a warm citrus which is subtle. Not sharp at all. Within minutes, it is enveloped by a sexy floral. A grounding patchouli holds the scent in place and overall, it creates a scent that makes you crave to smell more. This is a winner scent. 

Great service + Speedy Delivery

Managed to deal with my change request quickly and always very responsive. As for the candle, remarkable quality as always!

Beautiful scent of festivity


Smells as sweet as you!

Wood and spice love

I was expecting an ash or smoke scent but this is a surprising blend of spice and warm wood. It smells like a spicy fireplace, but it's not too strong or overpowering. Now I can't decide which holiday scent is my favorite...

Sweet deal

You rarely go on sale, so this gift set is really worth it! The packaging is lovely and very festive.