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Beautiful scent of festivity


Smells as sweet as you!

Wood and spice love

I was expecting an ash or smoke scent but this is a surprising blend of spice and warm wood. It smells like a spicy fireplace, but it's not too strong or overpowering. Now I can't decide which holiday scent is my favorite...

Sweet deal

You rarely go on sale, so this gift set is really worth it! The packaging is lovely and very festive.

Sweet Spiced Berry

Sweet but not overwhelming
Fruity, fresh & relaxing


It’s so good I ordered 3 more!

Candle in spray form

Borneo Oudh is my favourite candle from BCS, and the spray is just as perfect. The scent is not overpowering and I love spritzing it on my fabric furniture.

Coastal waves

I like the coastal waves scent because I generally like more musky and woody scents over sweet and gourmand smells. So it was nice to see more options like these.

Sunday Morning | Soy Candle

Fruity Mentos

The scent is really strong, reminiscent of a newly opened bag of fruity mentos. Citrusy and sweet when lit, it fills up my small room quickly and the scent lingers afterwards and settles into a calming and simple citrus scent.

New favorite

I am a thalassophile and have tried many ocean type candles but it always comes across as too artificial or manly. Coastal Waves is absolutely gorgeous, it is fresh and breezey and takes me to the beach. I love it!

Love this scent ❤️

This candle has a nice subtle scent and not overpowering like most cheap candles. I love that they are using local scents to Borneo.

Amazing Midnight Breeze scent!

The scent is beyond my expectations! Its my first candle experience so this is definitely worth the buy! :)

Love these ❤️

Love that this is a small business and the owners put their heart into these candles. Lovely subtle smell and pretty packaging. These are also really lovely to give as gifts 🎁

Top scent!

Only the best scent to fill up a room be it for an occasion or a casual cozy day!


The smell is very much like a men's cologne and was personally too overpowering for me. However, the citrus note lingered after the candle was put out until morning, which was really lovely. I ended up gifting this to a friend who previously loved this candle.

Tropical Sunrise | Soy Candle

Perfume alternative

I bought this for my bedroom but now uses it more in the office. It's not overwhelming like a perfume that I can spray on my clothes and surrounding to freshen up throughout the day.

Love at the first scent.

This is the first scent from BCS that I've smelled and I fell in love instantly. Loved the smell of the champagne. Also bought it as a gift! BCS packed it so neatly, worth every penny.


im really happy with the services provided and the product itself! thank youu

Loving it!!

I love the smell and how refreshing it is! Definitely will buy again

Cashmere Clouds

Love the scent. I bought three candles and cashmere clouds is the first I lit. Can't wait to try the other two! Am also very happy with the fast delivery and packaging.

Love it

Love love this candle. Subtle, comforting smell that’s great for daily use. I rarely use scented candles because they give me headaches from overpowering scents but Borneo Candles is a keeper.

Loving it

I like the smell,sweet but light ,and the scent still lingers in the room even after putting out the candle.