Candle Gift Guide

Candles make the perfect gift on all occasion especially during the gifting season! This holiday, we have the LARGEST collection to-date with 11 scents. But each scent is unique and different so how do I choose a match for myself/family/besties?

Don't worry, we got you! Here’s our candle gift guide to help you find the perfect match for everyone on your holiday gift list.


For the nature-lover: Winter Solstice (limited edition)


For the unique one: Spiced Berry (limited edition)


For the romantic: Love Potion


For the foodie: Santan Cabin


For the weekend lover: Sunday Morning


For your sister/mum/grandma/aunty: Tropical Sunrise


For the man in your life (friend/family/SO): Midnight Breeze


For the bold & mysterious one: Borneo Oudh


For the hustler/workaholic: Fresh Day


For the sweet tooth: Nectarine Rosé


For the homebody: Cashmere Clouds


For the candle connoisseur: Candle snuffer & wick trimmer

 Candle snuffer and wick trimmer with Borneo Candle Studio logo

Still unsure which scent to go for? Take our Scent Quiz here!