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Customised Candles Scent List

Updated: 20 Feb 2023

Borneo Oudh
Scent notes: agarwood, leather, elemi
Scent family: woody

Tropical Sunrise
Scent notes: lime, citronella, geranium
Scent family: citrus

Midnight Breeze
Scent notes: bergamot, leather, musk
Scent family: fresh + masculine

Love Potion
Scent notes: grape, neroli, jasmine
Scent family: floral

Sunday Morning
Scent notes: sage, amber, cedarwood
Scent family: earthy 

Fresh Day
Scent notes: eucalyptus, mint, lavender
Scent family: herbaceous + fresh

Cashmere Clouds
Scent notes: cashmeran, tonka bean, sandalwood
Scent family: gourmand + floral + woody

Santan Cabin
Scent notes: sea salt, wildflowers, driftwood
Scent family: gourmand

First Light
Scent notes: citrus, white lotus, patchouli
Scent family: floral

Nectarine Rosé
Scent notes: maracuja, grapefruit, champagne
Scent family: fruity

Coastal Waves
Scent notes: sea salt, wildflowers, driftwood
Scent family: ozonic + fresh

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