Midnight Breeze | Soy Candle - Borneo Candle Studio bergamot, leather, musk
Midnight Breeze | Soy Candle - Borneo Candle Studio bergamot, leather, musk
Midnight Breeze | Soy Candle - Borneo Candle Studio bergamot, leather, musk
Midnight Breeze | Soy Candle - Borneo Candle Studio

Midnight Breeze | Soy Candle

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A layered scent of fresh notes of bergamot and leather infused with the warmth and sultriness of musk. Send your senses into overdrive with this alluring scent. Midnight Breeze is a true manly scented candle!

Fragrance notes: bergamot, cedarwood, amber

Scent family: fresh

Burn time: 20-30 hours (3.5oz) | 45-55 hours (7.7oz) 

Each Borneo Candle Studio candle is handcrafted from start to finish with extra care + love in Borneo.

  • 3.5 oz | Perfect for testing new scents and is suitable for small spaces
  • 7.7 oz | Coffee tables, countertops, nightstands - basically everywhere
  • 100% natural soy wax from US-grown soybeans with phthalate-free fine fragrance & essential oil blends and lead-free cotton wicks
  • Free from paraffin, dyes and synthetic additives
  • Vegan-friendly + cruelty-free

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
I really wanted to like it

I asked around before purchasing and heard great reviews. As a regular candle user I was excited to get an affordable local producer and especially to support an Asian business!

I would usually have a routine of lighting up a candle before a shower to come back to a scented room but this time around I came back and really didn’t smell much. I asked my brother to check out the smell or if it was just me and he replied “What’s that smell?”, it smelled like a burning wick mixed with a hint of the scent.

The texture of the candle when drying up looks a little different to the usual smooth tops I’d get but I don’t know how textures go with candles so I’d like to assume this doesn’t affect much of the scent.

All in all, BCS’s marketing and branding is great and I’m hoping this was a one off mistake on the candle. I may be looking to purchase another candle in the future and I’m hoping to send in a better review then.

Hi Aliyy, thank you for your honest feedback!

We’re sorry to hear you are experiencing low scent throw with Midnight Breeze. While this is one of our stronger scents, you may want to consider the size of your room and burn time. Our 3.5 oz soy candles fills in smaller rooms - bathrooms/desk side.

We chose 100% soy wax in our candles for various reasons (natural, non-toxic and clean burn) and are aware we are up against other candles accessible in our market that contains paraffin wax, which generally produces stronger scent. The textured wax you've described is the characteristics of soy wax candles without any additives, it doesn't affect the burn performance.

That said, we’d recommend you to continue burning your candle, as the scent
throw does increase over subsequent burn considering your room size and burn time. In the mean time, we’ll be in touch with more information that we hope would further improve your experience. Looking forward to hear more from you! - Team BCS

Second purchase and still love it!

This is my second purchase of Midnight Breeze and I still love it so so much! It smells like a male fragrance that I like and it was so peaceful lighting up!

Candle for the late night

I absolutely love the deep sensual musky scent note of midnight breeze. It makes me calm down and relaxes before retiring to bed. Recommending this scent to anyone who is looking for a candle for the night.


Love the musky cologne scent. One of my favorite candles!

My first scented candles

I’ve been trying to find a scented candle that perfectly suits me and I’m glad I stumbled upon your IG website and bought the love potion and the midnight breeze candle. I love the smells and become addicted to them. It definitely calms me down and makes me more relax.