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Olfactory Fatigue - is it normal?

"HELP! I can't seem to pick up some scents from my favourite candle" This is totally normal - your nose is not broken! It's the same as when you use the same perfume daily that you find unnoticeable until someone tells you how good you smell, it's olfactory fatigue. 

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Guess how many trees we planted together?

Back in November, we've partnered with Animal Projects & Environmental Project (APE Malaysia) so that every purchase made will help plant trees in Borneo for our first year anniversary. Did we reach our target of 25 trees?

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Let's plant trees!

Happy November everyone!  As a small business, we always strive to do our part in making eco-friendly and conscious decisions in possible ways and this includes our ingredients, products, packaging and even jar return programs. This is always a bigger goal that inspires us. Hence for our first year anniversary, we choose to give back to the environment by making a lasting and significant benefit. 

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